Do you want to bring your music project to the new level? Got some questions and uncertainties? Soundbuzz specialists and our partners are ready to support you with consulting sessions. Just choose a relevant topic and book a Skype-call!

Prepare the questions because we're ready to answer it. Here's just a few ideas for our consulting session:

  • • Tips and tricks on music promotion online
  • • Monetization channels
  • • Marketing campaign to release new music
  • • How to create fan-community
  • • How to find a label


If you would like to focus on international markets, you might be interested in the following topics:

  • • How to participate in European showcase festivals
  •  How to choose and arrange recording process in top studios of Germany, USA, UK, Spain, Israel
  •  How to get airplay on music TV and radio channels in Germany, France, Spain, USA, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand
  •  Professional monitoring of your musical material and recommendations on how to improve it and bring to compliance with the stated requirements
  •  Evaluation of promising projects in accordance to the requirements of A&R departments of Germany and France.
  •  Consultation for optimizing your musical project.
  •  Consultation for correct execution of contracts.
  •  Coaching for the sense of music perception and control of a creative crisis.


To expand your musical horizons we offer a series of consultations from the category "Education":

  •  The history of European music "from the pyramids to the present day" (7 hours)
  •  Orientation (right self-esteem, the choice of the genre)
  •  Fundamentals of music and entertainment-management (European and North American models)
  •  Ethics (rules of conduct) in music business (Western Europe, the Mediterranean, UK, USA)